Monkey Survey [Monkey’s Customer Satisfaction survey ]

Survey Monkey was established by Ryan Finley Survey Monkey in 1999 and is a free online survey service that offers free price survey and pay program suite.

This service involves the tool for analyzing information, selecting samples and representing information. In data analysis, it also involves large-scale business alternatives for businesses.

The firm labeled its name in 2015 on Forbes Unicorn’s list of start-ups. Monkey survey is an important survey system which collects as well as provides useful data.

Monkey Survey


Getting the customer survey done is a great set up for finding the disadvantages in the service. The survey is done in finding customer need and satisfaction.

  1. You simply need to search Survey Monkey on google.
  2. Then you will get sign up option
  3. Then you need to type the information regarding the survey as Survey monkey itself is a survey developer
  4. Search the most popular surveys by category
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  • Text analysis
  • SPSS integration
  • Real-time results
  • Filter and cross-tabbing
  • Survey Templates
  • Enterprise-grade features
  • Custom branding
  • Consolidate account management


  • Founding

The company was owned by Ryan and Chris and then they hand it over to Bain Capital. A 12-person Silicon Valley startup which then grows yo 550-person was been only possible by Dave Goldberg. He was served as CEO on the company.

In August 2015, Bill Veghte was the Ceo of the company replacing Dave

  • Expansion

In 2010, the company received debt financing from Bank Of America with an amount of US$100 million

The audience was established as a self-serve platform in the year 2012. It allowed the customer to send their survey

  • Acquisition

Precision Polling, Wu foo, Zoomerang were the three companies acquired by Survey Monkey.

Survey Monkey acquired Canadian company by name of Fluid ware in August 2019.

A marketing content automation company called Tech Validate was also acquired by Survey Monkey

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In March 2019, Survey Monkey acquired Usability which is an Amsterdam-based website.

Benefits of Survey Monkey:

  • Main benefits are its general usability, comprehensive feature, and security.
  • Process a large amount of data. This solution can create, collect and analyze data using tools
  • It provides an embedded question bank feature that has some sort of question which can be edited
  • This inbuilt question contains ranges of the survey in politics, health, education, and organization.

Technical Specification:

  • Device Supported
  1. Web-based
  2. iSO
  3. Android
  • Customer type
  1. Small business
  2. Large business
  3. Enterprise
  • Customer Support Types
  1. Phone
  2. Online

Survey Monkey Disadvantage:

  • Slow connectivity speed. An individual customer requesting for survey response is a time-consuming process.
  • The labor and time cost to carry the survey can be high.
  • The time when the question is misheard the solution can be changed

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Survey Monkey is an online survey cloud-based development software. Ryan Finley and Chris Finley are the founders of Survey Monkey.

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Survey Monkey is a tool which allows the customer to launch any kind of online survey project.

This company was founded in the year 1999 and the revenue of this company is 21.9 crores USD.

Headquarters of Survey Monkey are situated in San Matero, California and the United States.

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